Yankton County Jail

Jail Information
Inmate Visitation:

Video Visitation: *NEW

Visitation will be offered via NCIC Communication devices. These devices provide inmates with telephone, video, and messaging services. This allows contact with inmates without physically having to come to the jail. Video visitation is available with inmates during the following times:

5:00 AM to 12:00 AM, 7 days a week.

You can access the video visitation by setting up an account on https://videovisit.ncic.com/scheduling/login . After completing the necessary setup, you'll be able to access the features. Jail staff will approve the visitation appointment after the request is entered. 

Inmates may not have access to video visitation due to disciplinary actions or other issues within the jail. 


Mailing Procedure:

** Inmate Mail - Important Update **

In an effort to keep contraband out of the Yankton County Jail Facility, Facility Administration is implementing a new system for sending documents, photos and mail to inmates.

If you wish to send documents, photos and mail to inmates, we now have a quicker and more efficient method using our new Inmate Messaging system where you can go to 
www.NCIC.com and set up an account.  You can then easily send messages to inmate for instant delivery.  You can also take a picture of any documents and attach to these messages.  Messages are only $0.25 per messages and Picture Messages / Documents are only $0.35 each.  This is much cheaper than postage, envelopes and the time it takes to mail a letter and the inmate will receive the message and/or picture instantly.   There are no limits on how many messages and photos that can be sent to inmates.

Beginning on 
October 18, 2023 all inmate mail, EXCEPT for legal and medical mail, must be mailed to the following address utilizing existing Yankton County Jail mail rules.  All legal and medical mail must still be mailed to the Yankton County Jail.

Any mail that is sent to:

PO Box 591, Longview, Texas 75606

for processing will NOT be returned or released.  Once the mail is processed and received electronically by the inmate it will be destroyed.  This includes pictures or anything else mailed to the processing facility.  By sending the mail to PO Box 591, Longview, Texas 75606 you agree to the items being destroyed and understand that anything you mail to PO Box 591, Longview, Texas 75606 will not be returned or reimbursed for.  No legal or medical mail will be accepted.

Inmate Name
Yankton County Jail
PO BOX 591
Longview, Texas 75606

The Yankton County Jail utilizes the NCIC Phone System for inmate communications. For more information, please check out www.ncic.com.

Inmate Commissary:
A commissary is available to all inmates who have money in their jail account. Money can be deposited for the inmate at the Kiosk located in the jail lobby or by mailing a money order to the jail.

Work Release:
A deposit and completed set of work release papers is required prior to the 1st day of work. Inmates are not allowed to work on Sunday and Holidays without prior authorization. Inmates may hold only one job while incarcerated. Inmates are not allowed to work out of Yankton County or out of state without prior approval. The jail does not have the facility for the laundering of inmate work clothing. The Sheriff of Yankton County has the final say if you are allowed into the work release program.

Inmates may receive soft-covered books mailed directly to them from the publisher or retail outlet only. All incoming and outgoing mail is screened for content; anything found to inappropriate will be returned to sender or placed in the inmate's property.
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